Freehand Masterclass

100% Pure Freehand Painting.

This Freehand Balayage Masterclass in Essex is a small class that gives you the opportunity to ask more questions about how to balayage in a relaxed environment.

The day-long how to balayage course in Essex focuses on learning the art of freehand painting to give you confidence to create bespoke colours and stunning effects for your clients. Emma will show you how she does her Signature Balayage and a Speed Balayage using clay lightener.

As well as lifting and lightening methods, you will learn refinement techniques such as toning, colour melting and how to create the perfect root shadows and blended looks.

The Freehand Masterclass in Essex will cover the products Emma has tried and tested her own clients and what equipment you will need in your kit to recreate tailored freehand looks.

Most importantly, Emma will explain how to work these techniques into your column and a breakdown of costings.

You will also discuss how to tackle inspiration pics to get you more clients on social media, with winning hints and tips including how to take perfect Instagram photos to get your books full.

After the class all students are invited to a private group for further knowledge and support.

Terms and conditions- To attend this class you must have a minimum of a Level 2 certification. There are two payment options 1. You can pay a £100 non refundable deposit, the course balance is then due 4 weeks prior to the course. Late payments may result in the space being resold. After the 4 weeks all payments are non refundable. 2. Payment can be made in full £100 is the non refundable deposit and the £150 becomes non refundable 4 weeks prior to the course. 


In Studio – £250 including goody bag and certificate.

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11th January 2021

1st February 2021

8th March 2021  

10am to approx 5pm depending on model 

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